Early Doors Productions are an Essex based Production Company, co-founded in the early part of 2010 with the sole aim of producing the best in non-professional theatre. Striving to attempt the un-attempted with the most talented unpaid actors around, they are fiercely Directed by Amy Clayton. Keep checking out 'What's in The Wings' for our future plans.

Amy Clayton, EDPO - Company Director and Producer
Amy is the sole Managing Director of EDP and is responsible for the company's legalities, budget and finance, marketing packages and the workings that happen to begin a production. Once running, Amy is the Company's Director, liaison and face of EDP. She is administrative champion for the Production in its entirety including rehearsal schedules, venue bookings, cast mail-shots, lighting, set, programme designs, properties, costume, and of course - the after show party.
Justin Cartledge - Artistic Advisor
The production 'finder'. J researches the plays available and what they will entail to pull off and presents them with casting ideas to the EDPO. His findings are the foundations for each EDP project undertaken and is the rock against EDP's achievements.

Julie Salter - Assistant to the Director
Julie dutifully takes any prop, costume, set, transport or other shortfall disaster at Amy's request and gets it 'sorted'. Amy's right-hand man. An incredible support and lean-to when the going gets tough.

Additional Key Members
Gill Clayton, Laura-Leigh Newton and Darren Matthews. Always there for idea bounces and assistance with the finishing touches.

Quote For 2017
"The most prolific Theatre Company around. Constantly achieving the unachievable. Go see them!" - Alan Johnson, Phoenix FM

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